Mumia Abu Jamal

Who Is Mumia?

Mumia Abu Jamal is an award winning journalist, a former member of the Black Panther Party and the most well-known political prisoner in the U.S. Less well-known is the fact that he is also a father, a grandfather, and a loving husband. Mumia is a kind human being and his humble spirit shows through his actions. He makes it a priority to uplift all others and the issues negatively impacting them with the power of his voice. He is the embodiment of Love.

Mumia is a victim. He was framed for the death of a Philadelphia police officer in December of 1981, which led to a corrupt trial imbued with the discrimination of known racist Judge Albert Sabo. At the scene of the incident and in the hospital following the incident, Mumia was a victim of severe police brutality. Mumia continues to suffer forty years later due to corrupt police officers who coerced witnesses, falsified evidence, and fostered an environment of terror established and driven by the iron fist of racist Frank Rizzo. 

We have to remember to leave no-one behind in our quest for a better world, especially one so profound as Mumia. Mumia Abu Jamals is a victim of the arrogance of racism that has been the lifeblood of the criminal justice system. The framing of Mumia has been covered in many books, video productions, and songs and you can find dozens of commentaries on the issue. We must Free Our Elders if we are to move forward with the strength and guidance that racism has sought to rob from us. If you have a mind towards revolution, transformation, or a mind to challenge the state – you must have a mind to join the fight to Free Mumia.

A Corrupt System

You are here because the criminal (in)justice system seeks to bury our black leaders without consequence. You are here because even though Mumia provides guidance to the greatest revolutionary voices of our generation, most people haven’t heard of him. That, my friends, is called erasure.